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“The Dark Knight Rises” Covers April Issue Of Entertainment Weekly

April 11, 2012 by  
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July 20 can not come soon enough. Seriously, “The Dark Knight Rises” could end up being better than the sequel that was so beloved with the late-great Heath Ledger in his role as The Joker. But this one? This one is the third, and final, Batman film that will be directed by Christopher Nolan and feature Christian Bale as Batman. As the movie approaches, the folks over at “Entertainment Weekly” decided to throw Batman and the seductive Catwoman (Anne Hathoway) on the cover of their April issue. If the magazine isn’t enough, peep the trailer after the jump.

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Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman And Is Now Lil Wayne

August 19, 2011 by  
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Remember Anne Hathaway, the new Catwoman? Yeah, well she also raps. Here’s her Paparazzi freestyle that she spit on Conan O’Brien’s show the other night in her best Lil Wayne impression. Lil Wanye impersonation, though? Not even close.

Meet The Dark Knight Rises’ Catwoman Played By Anne Hathaway

August 7, 2011 by  
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This picture was just released to press this weekend showing that Anne Hathaway is playing Catwoman in next summer’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises film. Ehhh, Christopher Nolan could have casted better. That is a pretty bad ass skin-tight outfit and innovative Batpod ride, though.

Anne Hathaway On The Cover of GQ Magazine

February 6, 2010 by  
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The stunning Anne Hathaway covers the March issue of the British GQ Magazine.  Hit the jump to see some more pictures from the photo shoot with the actress draped in some sexy lingerie.

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Alice In Wonderland Trailer

December 20, 2009 by  
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I thought Russell Crowe playing Robin Hood was a perfect fit but Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland may be an even more perfect fit.

From Walt Disney Pictures and visionary director Tim Burton comes an epic 3D fantasy adventure Alice in Wonderland, a magical and imaginative twist on some of the most beloved stories of all time. Johnny Depp stars as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as 19-year-old Alice, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Dormouse, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and of course, the Mad Hatter. Alice embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror

Valentine’s Day Trailer

September 20, 2009 by  
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This star studded cast will most definitely be a chick flick blockbuster hit.  The all-star cast includes Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, and more.