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Documentary Trailer: Doin’ It In The Park

May 1, 2012 by  
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DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: PICK-UP BASKETBALL, NYC explores the definition, history, culture and social impact of New York’s summer b-ball scene, widely recognized as the worldwide “Mecca” of the sport.

In New York City, pick-up basketball is not just a sport. It is a way of life. There are 700+ outdoor courts, and an estimated 500,000 players, the most loyal of which approach the game as a religion, and the playground as their church.

“You can play high school or college for four years. You can play Pro for a decade. You can play pick-up … for life.”

DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: PICK-UP BASKETBALL, NYC lovingly uncovers this movement through the voices of playground legends, NBA athletes, and most importantly the common ballplayer who all day looks forward to calling “next” game at their local schoolyard.

Co-directors Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau visited 180 courts throughout NYC’s five boroughs to create their debut documentary. They traveled to a majority of the locations by bicycle, carrying camera equipment and a ball in their backpacks. The film’s title refers as much to the subject matter as it does to the method of filmmaking, providing an unprecedented perspective on urban America’s most popular, and accessible, free recreation.

Main film characters: Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Kenny Smith, “Pee Wee” Kirkland, “Fly” Williams, God Shammgod, Tim “Headache” Gittens, Corey “Homicide” Williams, Kenny Anderson, Jack Ryan, Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon, Niki Avery, Milani Malik, and the Park Pick-Up Players of NYC.

Cristiano Ronaldo Kicks It With Rafael Nadal

March 30, 2012 by  
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Two of the world’s biggest athletes go head-to-head in a battle of explosive speed.

On-court, Rafael Nadal’s supremacy is almost unrivalled. But against Cristiano Ronaldo and the new Mercurial Vapor VIII, he faces a challenge like never before.

Subtitles available by clicking on the ‘cc’ button under the playbar.

Tinker Hatfield’s Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour

January 19, 2012 by  
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Look at Tinker! Not only designing classic Jordan’s but hooking up Roger Federer for a DOPE Tennis shoe. I’ve never stepped foot on a tennis court but I might have to pick me up a pair of these Zoom Vapor 9 Tours!

Brock Lesnar Retires After 1st-Round Loss At UFC 141

December 31, 2011 by  
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It’s a shame what an injury, surgery, or a condition can do to ones body. Some recover very well, while others struggle to get back to where they were. The same could be said for the UFC’s colossal, Brock Lesnar. After taking a viscous leg kick to the body midway through the first round against the “Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem, the fight was stopped after Lesnar fell to the ground and was unable to protect himself.

Lesnar — who was the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view star with a 5-4 record and the former heavyweight champion — was a former WWE superstar before he made his transition to the UFC and did substantially well in such a short amount of time. The biggest downfall came when he was diagnosed with bouts of diverticulitis, a lower-intestinal ailment that nearly killed him and cause him to have 12 inches of his colon removed. That disease only allowed him to fight 3 times in 2 1/2 years, which hardly gave him any kind of focus, let alone stellar training.

After his 4th loss of his short, yet successful career, Lesnar called it quits:

“I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease, and I’m going to officially say tonight is the last time,” Lesnar said. “This is the last time you’ll see me in the octagon.”

A lot of people saw this coming, Brock just wasn’t the same fighter. He wasn’t the viscous animal who battered Frank Mir, he was no longer the guy who withstood a pummeling by easily the most powerful guy mixed martial arts in Shane Carwin, instead, he shied away from what made him victorious. He was no longer charging at his opponents and beating them down with his sledgehammer fists, the hunter became the hunted.

“I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight, I would get a title shot, and that would be my last fight,” Lesnar said. “But if I lost tonight … you’ve been great.”

During the post fight conference, UFC owner Dana White stated that if Lesnar was going to retire after the this fight, he should have just retired after his match against Cain Velasquez (where he lost his belt).

It might have been a short ride, but it certainly was a spectacular one. Who knows when we’ll see another guy that big, that strong, that fast, and that athletic all-in-one again in the octagon, but it’s possible that Brock could make a comeback to where he started off: World Wrestling Entertainment.


Video: Apolo Ohno Refuels With Lowfat Chocolate Milk

November 10, 2011 by  
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American Speed Skating Olympian Apolo Ohno is the newest Got Milk? endorser. Actually, he’s the Got Lowfat Chocolate Milk? endorser. Also included in this new “Refuel America’ campaign is Shawn Johnson and Chris Bosh.

Numerous published studies have indicated that lowfat chocolate milk is effective in helping the body refuel and replenish after strenuous exercise. Whether you’re a gym rat, power walker, varsity athlete, competition swimmer or even a coach/trainer, we know that if you get active then you’re committed to getting the most of any practice or workout. But is there more you could be doing to refuel your body post-workout? When it comes to performing at the highest level, an athlete’s post-game recovery routine is just as important as their pre-game prep. Experts suggest there’s a two-hour recovery window—the best time to refuel and rehydrate your body to keep it in top shape and help you get back in the game.

Diddy’s Son Compares Himself To Darrelle Revis, Deion Sanders & Asante Samuel

September 15, 2011 by  
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For those who don’t already know, there’s a kid of a famous rapper who can flat out ball. Justin Combs, the 17-year-old son of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, is rising rather quickly up the football ranks. The New Rochelle (N.Y.) Iona Prep cornerback – played quarterback before making a transition due to his speed and athleticism – is catching the eyes of a lot of big recruiters after seeing him play for the “Goon Squad” at the BadgerSport 7-on-7 tournament last spring in Pittsburgh. Despite only standing 5-foot-9 and weighing 170 pounds, don’t be surprised if this kid grows to at least 6-foot-1 and weigh in around 190 pounds when it’s all said and done. I’ve actually followed his football career for the last few years because his game is just outstanding. He has the speed, the hands, the eye coordination, the leaping ability and great technique when it comes to running routes. All of those things are the reasons why he’s been recruited by UCLA, Illinois, Virginia, Middle Tennessee State, UAB, Wyoming, Mississippi and Tennessee Tech.

In a recent interview, Justin compares himself to Deion, Darrelle Revis and Asante Samuel:

Just because this kid has a big name doesn’t mean he’s all hype. Don’t believe me? Check out some more of his highlights here. While most are doubting him, he’s humming the tune to his fathers “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.”

Team NIKE Beats Michael Beasley And Team 914

August 17, 2011 by  
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Playoffs are here and #TeamNIKE is in full grind mode! Run With Us or Run From Us…View more Dyckman playoff videos after the jump.

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Rondo, L Fitz, Anna Pierce, Blake & Amare Are Nike Educators

August 10, 2011 by  
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Foot Locker presents: The Nike Educators 2

It’s a new school year, and The Educators are back! Rajon Rondo, Larry Fitzgerald, Anna Pierce, Blake Grfiffin, and Amar’e Stoudemire have returned, bringing lessons on quickness, speed, endurance, elevation and street knowledge. Here’s the first video, set to air later tonight. Enroll in the Foot Locker Advantage Academy at

Webisode: Team NIKE – The Main Event x A Hunger For More (Ep. 7 & 8)

August 4, 2011 by  
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I’ve been slacking on sharing the Team NIKE videos my company has been working on so here’s a double dosage of them. The Main Event is above while the aftermath of the Ooh Way Records loss is displayed in Episode 8 A Hunger For More below.

Introducing: Lingerie Basketball League

August 2, 2011 by  
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Models, actresses, socialites, and oh yeah, female basketball players are all members of the new Lingerie Basketball League. Shelburne, Vermont has the Mini Basketball League and Hollywood, California has the LBL. Gotta love it. Can these girls actually hoop though? Hit the jump and check out some in-game action footage.

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