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Photo: Barry Sanders & Robert Griffin III Cover NCAA ’13

April 16, 2012 by  
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How crazy is that cover? With the NFL draft coming up and RG3 expected to be drafted somewhere in the Top 5, his recent NCAA ’13 cover — featuring former Heisman trophy winner and Hall of Fame running back, Barry Sanders — was released today (10 days before the April 26 draft day). The reason Sanders is featured on the cover as well is because EA Sports held a fan voting page to decide who they wanted to see on the this year’s cover. You can read more about the voting, and the decision, after the jump.

(Shouts to In Flex We Trust for the photo!)

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Urban Meyer Responds To Criticism Over Florida Downfall

April 11, 2012 by  
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Listen, I love Urban Meyer to death for everything he’s done to help bring my beloved Florida Gators to football glory during his tenure as coach, but I’m also not stupid. I know behind those doors something was going on with our players, especially the best ones. And it all started after newly-hired head coach Will Muschamp let go of All-American cornerback, Janoris Jenkins, after Meyer resigned in which, Janoris responded with: “If coach Meyer was still there, I’d still be a Gator.”

When I first heard that, my initial thought of course, was, “What does that even mean?” Well, I didn’t need much time to think on the subject but, it basically meant that Meyer would have pulled some strings to keep Janoris on the team after he was arrested for the second time in a year for possession of marijuana. On Monday, Matt Hayes of Sporting News debuted an article titled “From champs to chomped: How Urban Meyer broke Florida football.” That’s one hell of a headline if you ask me. And as a lifelong Gator’ fan, it immediately caught my eye at 2 in the morning.

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After A Star Season, LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu Is Hungry For More

April 4, 2012 by  
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Once you get a taste of the spotlight, it’s hard to shy away from it. We, as humans, strive for success (it’s in our nature) and will do whatever it takes to earn it. And the same can be said for LSU’s feisty cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu.

In 13 games for the Tigers last season, the 21-year-old known as “Honey Badger” amassed gaudy statistics in Baton Rouge: He scored a total of 4 touchdowns (2 on punt returns, 2 on fumble returns), racked up 76 tackles (7.5 tackles for loss), broke up 9 passes and forced 6 fumbles. Oh, and lets not forget the 14 total turnovers in only 25 games. Those numbers right there are the reason why he was a Heisman Trophy finalist in New York at the season’s end.

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Texas Longhorns Showcase New Ricky Williams Statue

April 4, 2012 by  
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Ricky Williams is one of my Top 5 favorite running backs of all-time. Not to mention he’s easily my favorite running back to ever grace the game of college football. (But damn, why’d he have to cut the dreads?!) During his 4-year career with the Texas Longhorns, Ricky amassed a then-NCAA record 6,279 yards, and a ridiculous 2,124 yards his senior year.

For what he accomplished at Texas and how much he meant to not only the school, but to the community; the college decided to show Ricky two days earlier than the 30,000 patrons that came to see it this past Sunday, a 8-foot, 1,000-pound statue of himself donning the No. 34 just outside of Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

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Nike Football Signs Future #1 Draft Pick Andrew Luck

March 13, 2012 by  
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If you didn’t know, Nike is taking over as the official sponsor of the NFL next season, officially ending the run for that other brand Reebok. Nike Football is already schemin’ on some big moves but what better impact than to sign the consensus #1 draft pick out of Stanford, Mr. Andrew Luck. Welcome to the Swoosh family…

Clemson’s Sammy Watkins Doesn’t Believe In “Sophomore Slumps”

March 7, 2012 by  
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The Clemson Tigers former Freshman Phenom, Sammy Watkins (lookout for his brother, Jaylen, on Florida), busted onto the college football scene last season after posting ridiculous numbers in just his first season: 82 catches for 1,219 yards and 12 touchdowns — all league records for freshmen. Led all freshman in yardage and catches. Also tied nationally for lead in touchdown receptions for first-year players. Watkins also has the fourth-highest average in all-purpose yardage by a freshman in the NCAA’s FBS since 2000, averaging 176.0 yards per game.

Now, entering his second season, Tiger’ fans are fearing that their All-American wide receiver won’t produce, or be better, than he was during his first year. Thanks to Heather Dinich of ESPN’s ACC Blog, we have the officially quote from No. 2 himself stating he really doesn’t know what “sophomore slumping” means.

“I really don’t get what people mean by sophomore slump,” he said. “I mean, I’m just going to do what I did last year, but progress in the things I need to work at, such as being more physical, blocking down the field, going all out on every play, and improving on kick returns and punt returns.”

Personally, I don’t think he’ll put up bigger numbers, but he’s going to improve in a lot of aspects of the game. More teams will be gunning for him because they’ll remember what he did last season but when Watkins doesn’t have the ball, his coaches are preparing him to do better in that area.

“Sammy’s got to be a better player without the ball,” head coach Dabo Swinney said. “We’ve really challenged him in a lot of areas. Everybody sees him with the ball in his hands, but we need him to be a better player without the ball. There’s a lot of little things that impact plays that he can do a better job of.”

Watkins followed with an agreement of his coaches comments:

“I still have to prove things to everybody, because everybody says I’m going to have a sophomore slump,” he said. “I really don’t get what that means, but I’ve just got to come next year and show everybody the same thing I did last year.”

I wouldn’t be worried if I were a Clemson fan, I’d be ecstatic knowing that you’re going to get a player who’s already really good, but he’s going to comeback even better. But just in case y’all forgot how great his freshman season was, peep the highlights below to refresh your memory.

Arizona Football Players Arrested At House Party

March 7, 2012 by  
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Back in the 90′s, Arizona football was rockin’ like a, well, a house party. They had swag, sizzle so to speak. Nowadays, the football team hasn’t really been something to brag about like we used to, but the parties are still the same, if not better. And after spring training came underway on Monday, there was a reported incident at a house party where four football players were arrested.

Here’s the main piece from the article:

one of the men responded by shoving one of the women backwards. The man was later identified as former safety Joshua Robbins. After being shoved, the resident slapped Robbins, who then proceeded to punch her in the face – starting a brawl between the football players and members of the party.

The players left after the brawl, but before leaving said, “We will be back with our homies.” A short time later, the players returned “in a group of between 10 and 30,” and a man later identified as sophomore offensive tackle Fabbians Ebbele forcibly entered the home and “began punching everybody he could reach.”

People at the party told officers the UA players entered the home and began assaulting male members of the party while several women attempted to stop another fight from happening. One woman was pushed up against the wall by Robbins. Robbins continued to push other female guests and residents.

Members of the party identified Grandon after he “punched a female guest in her face with a closed fist and began punching other females in the face.”

Wow, what a great way to get ready for the season; by punching women. And judging by the above paragraphs, only the women at the party seemed to be attacked. The report also stated that as officers arrived, an SUV was spotted speeding away and was ultimately pulled over. And inside the vehicle was Jared Tevis, Jourdon Grandon, Fabbians Ebbele, Eric Bender and Justin Washington. All players except Washington were charged and removed from the car.

Charges have yet to be pressed but after something like this, I’m sure they’re going to be.

Michigan State’s Nick Hill Has The Illest Tattoo On Earth

January 12, 2012 by  
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Before I get into too much detail, I want to start off by saying that the movie ’300′ is in my Top 5 favorite flicks of all-time and King Leonidas might be the best character ever featured on the big screen. Period. As for Michigan State redshirt freshman running back Nick Hill, he just might have the illest tattoo on planet earth ..

From Graham Watson of Dr. Saturday:

Hill’s design is simple. It’s a Spartan straight out of the movie “300″ and runs the length of Hill’s right oblique. The menacing Spartan has a helmet, cape, spear, shield and loin armor. It even has clouds as a bit of an accent to make the whole thing look quite artistic. The thing had to cost a fortune because the detail is immaculate right down to the adornments on the loin armor. It also had to be unbelievably painful.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Video: Robert Griffin III Alamo Bowl Touchdown Run

December 30, 2011 by  
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This is exactly why he won the Heisman this year and why he’ll be a first-round draft pick in 2012.

Photo: Oregon’s LaMichael James’ Terrified Of Roller Coasters

December 29, 2011 by  
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Does this photo really need an explanation? I remember my first roller coaster. The funniest part about this entire thing is that LaMichael James’ teammate, Kenjon Barner, was the one who posted this via his Twitter account to let the world know that despite being fearless on the field, James is absolutely terrified of tons and tons of steel doing loops at 60 MPH.

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