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Tiger Woods Gets A Pair of Golf Nike Frees

August 8, 2011 by  
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Nike Frees are kinda my new obsession so it’s pretty cool to see the Nike Innovation Kitchen cook up a special pair of Golf Frees for Tiger Woods. Tiger debuted this shoe over the weekend in the above black colorway but a white colorway was also made.  Check out some notes from the Nike press release as well as some other photos after the jump.

“Ahead of his return to competitive action, Tiger Woods has been working with one of the Directors within NIKE’s Innovation Kitchen, Tobie Hatfield, and NIKE Golf on a FREE-inspired prototype shoe that Tiger will wear during this week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Originally developed in 2004 by a group led by Hatfield, NIKE FREE is a ‘natural motion’ technology that is designed to mimic and conform to the natural motion of the foot, coupled with the protection and traction of a lightweight performance shoe.

“I love the feel of NIKE FREE for training, so I asked Tobie if it was possible to bring that technology to the golf course. It’s exciting to see a conversation like that come to life and I look forward to wearing them this week,” added Tiger.

The majority of the upper consists of a polyurethane coated stretch fabric, also seen within the construction of NIKE Basketball’s Hyperfuse 2011. Part of the heel is created from recycled NIKE Air Max units melted into thread and then woven together to create a strong, breathable textile material. The FREE-inspired outsole is directly taken from NIKE Sportswear’s Special Field Boot designed for first-responders.

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Golfers’ Swing Starts A Fire

September 1, 2010 by  
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Man, I thought when I played golf last Saturday with my dad and a buddy of mine I sucked. Well, I feel a little bit better after reading this story. Apparently some guy was hitting out of the rough this wknd when his club struck a rock, causing enough friction that it started a fire. This wasn’t a small fire either; it was a 12 acre blaze that 150 fire fighters had to show up for. IMO, the guy was losing a bet to his friend and thought to himself, “How can I get out this?” Next thing you know, there is a 12 acre fire at Shady Canyon Golf Course in SoCal. There is no way this was an accident. Therefore, may I be the first to say, well played sir. Here at WeAllScheme, we appreciate a good scheme such as this one.

ESPN 30 For 30 Fall 2010 Schedule

ESPN Film’s 30 For 30 documentaries have all been the real deal.  They’ve each given unique insight into each of the stories which we probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.  This Fall, beginning August 24th, a new documentary will air on ESPN every Tuesday at 8 PM (with one exception of a Saturday December 11th airing).  Check out the full schedule below and click the links to read their synopsis’ or read them all at once here.

DJ Steve Porter – Press Hop 2

DJ Steve Porter and ESPN’s Sportsnation just blessed the world with Press Hop 2 complete with cameos from LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Ron Artest, Randy Moss, Allen Iverson, Deion Sanders, Mike Tyson, and more.  This one was pretty funny but nothing DJ Steve Porter makes will EVER top the original Press Hop.

Christian Bale’s Tiger & Earl Woods Commercial Spoof

April 13, 2010 by  
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This will be the last Nike x Tiger x Earl Woods commercial spoof that I’ll post, unless another one comes along and is absolutely hilarious.  So far we’ve had the Saturday Night Live Tiger Woods spoof, the Funny or Die Tiger Woods spoof, and now the Christian Bale Tiger Woods spoof.

Funny Or Die: Tiger & Earl Woods Commercial Spoof

April 11, 2010 by  
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Who had the better Nike / Tiger Woods’ spoof?  Funny Or Die or Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live’s Tiger & Earl Woods Commercial Spoof

April 11, 2010 by  
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If you watch a lick of TV, you’ve probably already seen the new Nike commercial with an emotionless Tiger face being talked to by Earl Woods (Tiger’s dad).  Now that you know what I’m talking about, check out the spoof Saturday Night Live did of the commercial.

Nike Golf’s Earl and Tiger Commercial

April 7, 2010 by  
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Nike is one of the few sponsors that didn’t drop Tiger Woods (I wouldn’t have either) and here they are seen with their newest commercial starring Tiger and his dad, Earl Woods.  It’s kinda creepy hearing a dead man’s voice, especially when he’s asking a black and white, dead-ass face of Tiger such fatherly questions.

“Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive to promote discussion.  I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything?”

Tiger Woods’ 2010 Masters Press Conference

April 6, 2010 by  
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Here’s the video from yesterday of over 8 minutes of Tiger just answering the press’ questions during this year’s Masters Press Conference.  All sorts of questions were thrown his way but Tiger did his best job at answering everything as politically correct as he could.  Well done Tiger!

Tiger Wood’s First Comeback Interview

March 22, 2010 by  
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Shortly after announcing his return to golf’s Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods sat down with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi for his first interview since his mistresses rebelled against him. For a full transcript hit up the Huffington Post or see a snippet from the interview below:

Rinaldi: What’s the difference between the man who left Augusta national a year ago and the one who is about to return?

Woods: A lot has transpired in my life. A lot of ugly things have happened. Things that…..I’ve done some pretty bad things in my life. And uh, all came to a head. But now, after treatment, going for inpatient treatment for 45 days and more outpatient treatment, I’m getting back to my old roots.

Rinaldi: For a lot of people, the spark of those bad things is Nov. 27. Early that day, what happened?

Woods: Well, it’s all in the police report. Beyond that, everything’s between Elin and myself and that’s private.

Rinaldi: Why did you lose control of the car?

Woods: As I said … that’s between Elin and myself.

Rinaldi: If it’s a private matter, why issue a public apology?

Woods: Well, I owe a lot of people an apology. I hurt a lot of people. Not just my wife. My friends, my colleagues, the public, kids who looked up to me. There were a lot of people that thought I was a different person and my actions were not according to that. That’s why I had to apologize. I was so sorry for what I had done.

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