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Brock Lesnar Retires After 1st-Round Loss At UFC 141

December 31, 2011 by  
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It’s a shame what an injury, surgery, or a condition can do to ones body. Some recover very well, while others struggle to get back to where they were. The same could be said for the UFC’s colossal, Brock Lesnar. After taking a viscous leg kick to the body midway through the first round against the “Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem, the fight was stopped after Lesnar fell to the ground and was unable to protect himself.

Lesnar — who was the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view star with a 5-4 record and the former heavyweight champion — was a former WWE superstar before he made his transition to the UFC and did substantially well in such a short amount of time. The biggest downfall came when he was diagnosed with bouts of diverticulitis, a lower-intestinal ailment that nearly killed him and cause him to have 12 inches of his colon removed. That disease only allowed him to fight 3 times in 2 1/2 years, which hardly gave him any kind of focus, let alone stellar training.

After his 4th loss of his short, yet successful career, Lesnar called it quits:

“I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease, and I’m going to officially say tonight is the last time,” Lesnar said. “This is the last time you’ll see me in the octagon.”

A lot of people saw this coming, Brock just wasn’t the same fighter. He wasn’t the viscous animal who battered Frank Mir, he was no longer the guy who withstood a pummeling by easily the most powerful guy mixed martial arts in Shane Carwin, instead, he shied away from what made him victorious. He was no longer charging at his opponents and beating them down with his sledgehammer fists, the hunter became the hunted.

“I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight, I would get a title shot, and that would be my last fight,” Lesnar said. “But if I lost tonight … you’ve been great.”

During the post fight conference, UFC owner Dana White stated that if Lesnar was going to retire after the this fight, he should have just retired after his match against Cain Velasquez (where he lost his belt).

It might have been a short ride, but it certainly was a spectacular one. Who knows when we’ll see another guy that big, that strong, that fast, and that athletic all-in-one again in the octagon, but it’s possible that Brock could make a comeback to where he started off: World Wrestling Entertainment.


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