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NBC Dallas Reporter Says Everyone in S.F. is Smoking Weed

October 29, 2010 by  
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While local NBC Dallas reporter Newy Scruggs was doing his report from McCovey Cove at AT&T Park, he opened his bit by telling everyone the people next to him were smoking weed. I am a little surprised that the anchor’s actually went along with it, they kept on going back to it by saying things such as, “They look like fun people…” and “Well it’s a beautiful place to do that (to smoke weed)..” Watch the clip, it’s a good laugh. Below is a quote from Scruggs’ as he ended his piece.

“People are nice here. We’re not in New York. Nobody is going to spit on us. Nobody is going to come up here and tell us that we’re bad people. This is San Francisco. People are smoking weed over there. They want to see their team win, but there all half buzzed-out”

Source- Huffington Post

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