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Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trailer

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Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow just gave the fan’s at Comic Con this special announcing that Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be in theaters on May 20, 2011.  I thought the 3rd movie one put an end to this series but I guess Disney wants to try and milk this 4th film into another huge summer blockbuster.

New York City Subways x Wi-Fi

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Free Wi-Fi servers on the New York City subways?!  I’m down with it as long as the MTA prices don’t keep raising!  Our Twitter game is going to be CRAZY now that we can tweet from underground!  Just joking…but follow us anyways!

Not only will the city’s subway stations be rigged to support your handheld electronic devices, but chatty citizens will be allowed to make calls in between stops, too. Is there anything worse than this?

The MTA reached a deal with a company called Transit Wireless three years ago to enable cell phone service in subway stations, but the firm never proceeded with the plans. Now it’s back on the front burner, apparently, and the plans are even more ambitious than before considering they’re planning to install both phone signal and internet access underground. And where the stops are close enough together—and the tunnels are wider—riders should have coverage during their entire underground journey, says an official from Q-Wireless, one of the four companies working with Transit Wireless to install the subterranean transmissions. This is a travesty. For many people the subway is the only place to not only get away from the nagging of your own iPhone or Droid, but also to end all the chattering, inane conversations of your fellow citizens.

Under the current deal, Transit Wireless has two more years to install the technology in six test stations and then eight years to wire all 277 subway stations. Cell phones in stations we can kind of understand, but allowing people to have conversations while commuting may bring about the end civilization as we know it. And, really, why does the subway need wi-fi? So that you can download porn onto your iPad on the 6 Train? Really? Everyone knows the subway is for jerking off while looking at real people. Come on!

ESPN 30 For 30 Fall 2010 Schedule

ESPN Film’s 30 For 30 documentaries have all been the real deal.  They’ve each given unique insight into each of the stories which we probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.  This Fall, beginning August 24th, a new documentary will air on ESPN every Tuesday at 8 PM (with one exception of a Saturday December 11th airing).  Check out the full schedule below and click the links to read their synopsis’ or read them all at once here.

Michael C. Hall’s Instructional Spooning Video

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Dexter’s Michael C. Hall (the actual actor who plays the character Dexter) is the voice over for this hilarious instructional spooning video.  For all you single guys, class is in session, just hope you never have to take the test!

LRG – Introduction To Fall 2010

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Lifted Research Group gives us a look at what their first Fall 2010 shipment is going to look like which includes new threads in t-shirts, hoodies, button ups, and more.

LRG is proud to announce the new Fall 2010 line. This season we are bringing you 14 individual themes spread through three deliveries for more options of styles to keep you looking fresh from back-to-school until the holidays. The first delivery is available and in stores now. Enjoy.

Steve Carell’s Interview With Zach Galifianakis

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This dude Steve Carell has been killing it lately! Even though he’s leaving The Office – his “Decision” skit, Chili’s letter, and Dinner For Schmucks all were and look to be some of the funniest stuff this year. For real though, I couldn’t take either Zach Galifianakis or Carell serious in this interview AT ALL haha.

Nike Air Force 1 – NYC 5 Borough Pack

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Nike is releasing this special Air Force One – New York City 5 Borough Pack to go along with the celebration of Nike Sportswear’s 1 Love Block Party that’s going down today at 21 Mercer.  They’ll have the packs available for purchase at the block party as well as online.  Hit the jump for the individual looks at each of the five borough’s unique AF1′s.

Source – Kidd Future

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Rick Ross – Teflon Don x Belly Promo Video

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For all you music fiends who haven’t heard Teflon Don yet – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  The album is short, yet still good.  As far as this promo video, if you’ve ever seen Belly then you’ll know what this scenes all about.

Source – the.LIFEFiles

Wale – More About Nothing Trailer Pt. 3 & 4

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Above is the 3rd trailer to Wale’s More About Nothing preview and after the jump is the 4th.  The new Seinfeld inspired mixtape drops this week on August 3rd and him and Rap Radar will be putting on a show at the Highline Ballroom on August 16th.

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Trailer: Young Jeezy – All White Everything Video

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Jeezy’s team gives us this quick 45 second preview of the visual’s to All White Everything.  The full music video is premiering this Monday August 2nd.  Download links for both the original and remix are below:

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